Time Marches On

I’ve always been told that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. As a child, I remember thinking summer vacation was forever long. Christmas couldn’t come soon enough. And the months prior to getting my driver’s license seemed to last an eternity. But, as the years have gone by, I’ve found myself grasping to hold onto time…desperately searching for a way to pause life and soak up these moments before they are gone too soon. 

My youngest child turned three this week, and I’m celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened…how time literally flew by right in front of me, yet somehow without me knowing. Oh, how things change. I fear I may wake up tomorrow to find grown men where little boys fell asleep.

My mind has been in a nostalgic place the past few weeks. I have been missing loved ones lost, thumbing through baby pictures of my boys, and wishing I could stop my grandparents from aging. But, time marches on. And it doesn’t look back.

Although I know I can’t freeze time, and I can’t dive back into memories and relive them, there’s one thing I can do. I can LIVE today. I can refuse to be so consumed with the end goal that I forget to enjoy the journey. I can remind myself that despite the challenges of today, I will never again have the joys. And despite my wanting for my little ones to tie their own shoes and be done with bed-wetting, I don’t want to wish away their years for selfish reasons. Because I will want them back. So, here’s to making today count, friends. Make it worth remembering.