It seems there are periods of time when things go pretty smoothly, and life is good. Likewise, there are times when everything seems to fall apart at once, and we are surrounded by pain. Even those who aren’t currently experiencing hardship of their own are likely carrying the burdens of their loved ones who are. Pain is everywhere and is inevitable. We all know that part. So, what can we do about it?

Since suffering does not come from God, it is sometimes difficult to understand why He allows it to happen. But the bottom line is…every situation is an opportunity for good….if we can remember to embrace our pain rather than being engulfed in it. Painful experiences can help us learn what to do differently, what helps us endure, and who really cares about us. Others observe (whether we realize it or not) how we handle the hard stuff and can see God’s love through our faith if we choose to show it. Those who are experiencing the same things we’ve been through can benefit greatly from our stories and support if we choose to share it. And suffering and perseverance create character. The Bible tells us so.

Wallowing in misery is so easy to do, because pain is overwhelming….it hurts….bad. And there is a time for dealing with that. But, then there is a time for pushing through it, learning from it, and sharing what we’ve learned. Use what you’ve been given. Don’t waste your pain.


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